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ReactJS has become the most preferred JavaScript library in web development. It’s time for you to learn ReactJS practically and enhance your skills for exploring high-paying & promising career opportunities.

Enroll now in the basic to advanced ReactJS training in Jodhpur covering all the concepts practically. You will acquire new skills, work on real projects & assignments, become a certified ReactJS developer, and easily get placed at top organizations.

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Overview of Our ReactJS Course in Jodhpur

ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library used for building user interfaces, particularly for single-page applications and complex web interfaces. Developed by Facebook, ReactJS simplifies the process of creating interactive, dynamic, and reusable UI components.

At its core, ReactJS employs a component-based architecture, breaking down the user interface into smaller, reusable pieces called components. These components encapsulate their own logic, structure, and styles, promoting modularity and maintainability within the application.

One of React's key features is the Virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which optimizes performance by maintaining a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. When changes occur in the application, React compares the Virtual DOM with the real DOM and updates only the necessary parts, reducing unnecessary re-rendering and enhancing performance.

ReactJS enables the development of dynamic and interactive interfaces through its efficient handling of components, state management, and lifecycle methods. It provides extensive community support, a rich ecosystem of libraries, and is backed by a vast developer community, ensuring continuous improvement and updates.


Curriculum of ReactJS Course

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • Overview of React
    • What is React?
    • Why use React?
  • Setting Up the Development Environment
    • Installing Node.js and npm
    • Create React App
  • Understanding JSX
    • JSX syntax
    • JSX vs. HTML
  • Components and Props
    • Creating functional and class components
    • Passing props
  • State and Lifecycle
    • Managing state
    • Component lifecycle methods
  • Handling Events
    • Event handling in React
    • Binding in React
  • Conditional Rendering
    • Using conditional statements
    • Ternary operators in JSX
  • Lists and Keys
    • Rendering lists
    • Using keys for optimization
  • Forms in React
    • Controlled components
    • Form submission and validation
  • React Router
    • Setting up routing in React
    • Navigation and Route parameters
  • State Management with Redux
    • Introduction to Redux
    • Actions, reducers, and the store
  • Middleware in Redux
    • Thunk middleware
    • Async operations with Redux
  • Introduction to Hooks
    • useState, useEffect, useContext, etc.
  • Building Custom Hooks
    • Creating and using custom hooks
    • Best practices for hooks
  • Testing Libraries
    • Jest and Enzyme overview
    • Setting up testing environment
  • Unit Testing
    • Writing unit tests for components
  • Integration Testing
    • Testing component interactions
  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
    • Why SSR?
    • Implementing SSR in React
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
    • Introduction to PWAs
    • Adding PWA features to a React app
  • GraphQL with React
    • Integrating GraphQL in React
    • Apollo Client for state management
  • Optimizing Performance
    • Code splitting
    • Memoization and PureComponent
  • Deployment Strategies
    • Deploying a React app to various platforms
    • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)
  • Building a Full-Stack React App
    • Integrating with a backend (Node.js, Express, or other options)
    • Database integration (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Best Practices and Code Review
    • Code organization and best practices
    • Conducting and participating in code reviews
  • React Fiber and Concurrent Mode
    • Overview and benefits
  • Server Components in React
    • Exploring the future of React development
  • Capstone Project
    • Building a complex React application
    • Incorporating best practices learned throughout the course
  • Portfolio Development
    • Showcasing the projects on a personal portfolio
    • Tips for job interviews and career development

Why Choose ?


Training by Pro Web Developers

In this course, you will get complete training and practice sessions from a professional and expert website developer who has 10+ years of experience in the field.


Most Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer the most detailed training, covering all aspects of web development in-depth. You learn both static and dynamic website development.


Intensive Classroom Training

To offer you the best learning experience, our classrooms are fully digitized, distraction-free, and provide 1:1 personal interaction with the mentor.


Hands-on 12 Live Projects

Web development is a skill that requires immense practice. For that, you will work on a total of 12 projects (both dynamic and static websites).


Job Assistance

We prepare you for the web development interview, and arrange your interviews with top companies so that you can kickstart your career instantly after the course.


Web Development Certification

Once your training is over, you get a professional certificate that you can add to your resume and easily explore promising career opportunities.